A England Lady of the Lake

After this post I will be on holiday for a week. 🙂 😦 Both happy and sad face, happy because of course I want to go on a holiday and sad because I think I will miss the blog.. 😛

The polish I’m going to show you today Is one of the 2 polishes from The Mythicals Collection that has been given alot of attention;
A England Lady of the Lake. (the second one being Tristam)

I must admit, seeing all the pictures posted around the internet of this one, I never really understood the fuzz about it.
Now I do. After seeing it in real life. It’s a hard polish to capture in pictures.
Everyone who enjoy purple, holo, shimmer and good opacity should own this one.
It was a real dream to apply, this is 2 coats, but 1 thick could have been enough.
I did manage to get one picture where the subtle holo effect shows, here it is;

It’s not much, but it’s just enough to make this stunning, but at the same time very sophisticated.
Perfect for those who love holographic polishes, but doesn’t necessarily want everyone to look at her hands ALL the time 😉

Do you own any A England polishes? Which ones and what do you think of them?

A England polishes can you get HERE, and they ship to Norway for £3, which is not bad at all.

Hope your next week will be great, mine surely will! 😀

Take Care for now!
xx Karoline 🙂


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