No internet + nail polish jewelry :)

Hello guys!
I’m SO sorry for not updating the past days!!!
We though we had included internet in our rent, but suddenly we didn’t receive any signal and we found out that the internet is not included in the landlord-agreement.
We’ve made an appointment with Telenor to come and install internet in our apartment, but that’s not until 04.07! 😦

I can blog small posts from my iPhone on 3g network, but it won’t let me upload photos.

Here you have one though:

My very first try making jewelry with nail polish! How cool is this??
This is Gosh Lavender Love + KleanColor Chunky Holo Teal on top.

Have a nice week or so and I will blog again VERY soon! And I’m taking pictures all the time so I have alot to show you as well! 🙂


Isa Dora Miami Blue + Gosh Lavender Love.

Hello everyone 🙂

Today I got Gosh Lavender Love on offer at Vita here in Norway. When I came home and swatched it on a nailwheel with the rest of my blues I saw that it was pretty similar to Isa Dora Miami Blue only a couple of shades darker.

I figured I wanted to try Konad with these two and I ended up really liking the end result. For those of you not familiar with Konad stamping, have a look here.

I used Miami Blue as a base, stamped with Lavender Love on top and then sealed it all with a coat of Seche Vite, check it out:

Using Konad plate M51.

What do you think? I really like it! 🙂

Take Care and have a great Saturday evening everyone!
xx Karoline.

Isa Dora swatches

Today I have 3 of the Isa Dora spring/summer nail polishes for you;  712 Ocean Drive, 711 Miami Blue and 626 Blue Sky.

This is the first time in MANY years I have tried Isa Dora nail polishes, which is a bit weird when you think of how easy they are to get here in Norway.
In the beginning I was a little sceptical to the brush. It’s huge! Long, with short bristles and very wide. BUT, perfectly formed! So if applied correctly, it’s enough with one stroke to cover the whole nail and it was not too big for my little pinkie either.
It also says on the bottle that they’re quick dry and I don’t always believe that and stick to my Seche Vite to make them dry faster, but these really do dry fast!! So for all of you with no time and want pretty nails quickly, these are perfect!
SO all in all very happy! 🙂 Definately getting more Isa Dora nail polishes when I get a chance! 🙂

Isa Dora 712 Ocean Drive.
Beautiful Colour! Perfect for the summer with tanned skin! Ooh, I’m in love! 🙂
Opaque in one thick coat. This is two thin coats.

Isa Dora 711 Miami Blue.
Another beautiful color and the same formula and finish as Ocean Drive.

Isa Dora 626 Sky Blue.
This one I did as a full mani. In the bottle it was my favourite, but have to be honest and say that I liked the two cremes better after I swatched them.
This is still a beautiful colour with a very nice shimmer. Two coats.

You can click on all the pictures to see them bigger.

Hope you’re all having a nice and sunny sunday!
Take Care!
xx Karoline.

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