No internet + nail polish jewelry :)

Hello guys!
I’m SO sorry for not updating the past days!!!
We though we had included internet in our rent, but suddenly we didn’t receive any signal and we found out that the internet is not included in the landlord-agreement.
We’ve made an appointment with Telenor to come and install internet in our apartment, but that’s not until 04.07! 😦

I can blog small posts from my iPhone on 3g network, but it won’t let me upload photos.

Here you have one though:

My very first try making jewelry with nail polish! How cool is this??
This is Gosh Lavender Love + KleanColor Chunky Holo Teal on top.

Have a nice week or so and I will blog again VERY soon! And I’m taking pictures all the time so I have alot to show you as well! 🙂